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The easy way of installing a MySQL server

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Latest version released: 3.2.16 (2018-01-07)
Download it from Github or from CPAN

MySQL Sandbox is a tool that installs one or more MySQL servers within seconds, easily, securely, and with full control.

Once installed, the sandbox is easily used and maintained, without using complex options.

Replicated and multiple sandboxes can be used individually or all at once.


MySQL-Sandbox is now replaced by dbdeployer

MySQL Sandbox (now on version 3.2) is free software, distributed under the Apache license.

Created and initially developed by Giuseppe Maxia, a.k.a. The Data Charmer, MySQL Sandbox is an open project. Participation is welcome (see the the project page for more information).

Getting started is easy. Installation is a breeze (see the cookbook) and normal usage is so user friendly that you won't go back to the hard way ever again.

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